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React Developer
IceWarp HQ, Prague, Czech Republic
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Main responsibilities:

  • Implementation of innovative user interfaces
  • Design and implementation of application logic (REST API, data layer)
  • Implementation of new components into existing applications
  • Repair or modification of existing front-end applications
  • Incorporating new libraries into existing front-end applications

Relevant experience and qualifications:

  • Excellent React knowledge (React Native advantage)
  • Excellent knowledge of CSS (SCSS / SASS advantage)
  • Knowledge of working with API (REST, GraphQL)
  • Ability to orientate oneself in foreign code
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, but better TypeScript
  • At least basic knowledge of Docker, Node, Webpack

What we offer:

  • Possibility to apply your own ideas
  • Flexible working hours
  • Refreshments in the workplace
  • Possibility to work from home
  • 5 sick days a year
  • Possibility of education within the department
  • Career growth and possible transition to other departments of the company
  • Funroom with billiard and Xbox
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React Developer
IceWarp HQ, Prague, Czech Republic