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Podpora IceWarp

Vsi uporabniki IceWarpa lahko kontaktirate našo podporno ekipo s pomočjo obrazca, ki ga najdete na našem spletnem mestu Na voljo smo vam brezplačno 24/7. Odgovor lahko pričakujete v 48 urah.

live support
Live Chat support
Live Chat is your first point of contact with us. It is quick and easy to use for all our customers.
Sales and technical support
Available during business hours and weekends
Quick response time
live support
Cloud Support
Our dedicated support for all customers using our cloud services.
A dedicated team of cloud engineers
Quick response time (typically within 2 hours)
Available during business hours and weekends
live support
Priority Support
Our dedicated support for all customers using IceWarp on-premises with a service contract.
Contract-based paid service (plans available)
Guaranteed response time
Phone support included
Support team
Every IceWarp user is entitled to contact our Support Team using Live Support form found on our website.

Pogosta vprašanja (FAQs)

Can I address both technical and sales-related questions? +

Absolutely. Our Live Chat support agents are ready for all your questions, whether they are purely technical or sales-related inquiries such as licenses, subscriptions or contracts.

What is the best way to reach your support? +

Live Chat support is always your first point of contact. Cloud customers can exclusively reach the dedicated cloud support team, and on-premises customers with a service contract can reach the dedicated priority support team.

When is the best time to reach our support? +

You can reach us anytime; however, the Live Chat support agents are available only during business hours and at weekends. Cloud and Priority engineers are available 24/7 for any top priorities (severity 1 or 2).

What is your typical response time? +

We typically respond to any request within a couple of hours on the Live Chat and within the same time on the Cloud support (top priorities only). We can, however, respond within an hour in our best contract-based priority support plan.

What is the benefit of having a dedicated engineer or talking to a dedicated team? +

The benefit of having a dedicated engineer is the time during which you communicate only with one person who is dedicated to your case until it gets resolved. The advantage of a dedicated team is the priority your tickets get while being treated by team members.

Where can I see the list of available options for Priority support? +

Available Priority support plans for customers using our product on-premises are visible here. You can choose a plan with a quick response time as low as one hour up to a plan that provides extra services such as server health check, the user or admin training or server upgrade.

How can I reach the support over the phone? +

Phone support is exclusive to customers with service contracts (Priority support). The rest of the customers can be contacted by the support (call-back) if it helps to resolve their issues or address their claims.

How can I get a dedicated engineer in need of an emergency? +

You automatically get a dedicated engineer to address your incident when you purchase Emergency support services. You can communicate with one person for as long as a couple of hours over the phone, through helpdesk tickets or remote sessions.

What is incident-based paid service? +

It is a paid service that guarantees you the quickest response time and a dedicated engineer to resolve your issue, which could take up to a couple of hours.

How does the communication work on the Live Chat? +

When you start the communication over the Live Chat, and you cannot wait until you get served, feel free to place the question, leave your contact details, and we will get back to you over email. You can follow up on that anytime directly from your email or the chat interface on our website.

How can I get remote support? +

Remote support can be provided either as an on-demand paid service or as a free-of-charge service within the Cloud, Priority and Emergency support.


Severity 1
System is down! All users are affected by this issue.
Severity 2
Critical loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions.
Severity 3
Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions.
Severity 4
Minor loss of application functionality, product feature requests, how-to questions, configuration help, etc.